Rearsby Neighbourhood Plan

Next stage of the consultation 

A well attended meeting in St Michael & All Angels Church

Consultee feedback to be sent by 3rd May 2017

What the group is doing

Rearsby once had a ‘Village Design Statement’ but this was without ‘weight’ in the planning framework and could not direct what would finally happen in the village area. The opportunity to create a new Neighbourhood Plan would be specific to the village and would become a formal addition to the Borough’s Core Strategy when considering future local planning applications.  It can have very specific intentions but cannot contradict the Core Strategy, and would need to follow the Borough Council’s Core Strategy and be in accordance with wider EU and UK planning rules and policies. The policies and principles of such a Neighbourhood Plan can, however, include residents’ more precise views on the types and locations of new housing and commercial development; on preserving the conservation area and other open spaces; and on the facilities wanted for the village area.

What is the process to create a Neighbourhood Plan for Rearsby?

The boundaries of the area to be covered by Rearsby’s proposed Neighbourhood Plan have been agreed by Charnwood Borough Council as the entire Parish of Rearsby – that is all the area inside the parish boundary line in red below. The Parish Council’s Sub-group has begun to consult with local voluntary groups, residents and other local interested parties on what are the priorities in the village for development, facilities and services. Wider public consultation will follow in meetings with various other bodies like English Heritage, the Environment Agency, gas and water services, etc. A plan will be drafted and discussed with all involved, and then submitted for consideration by the Charnwood planning authority and reviewed by an independently appointed inspector. Finally a village referendum will be arranged to see how Rearsby’s residents would vote about adopting such a Plan or not – a simple majority in favour of adopting the Plan would mean it is formally accepted by the Borough Council and then be a new addition to the Borough’s Core Strategy.

Who in Rearsby has been consulted so far?  

An initial set of discussions with local residents who belong to local groups has been used as a way to kick-start the sharing of first ideas for what might feature in a Neighbourhood Plan for Rearsby. This has been principally through short meetings with members of the following groups:

Friends of Rearsby Church                Melton Rd Allotments

Women's Institute                               St Michaels School Council

Art Class                                                Rainbows

Tots and Tinys                                     Keep Rearsby Rural

Film Club                                              Rearsby Walking Group

Parochial Church Council                  Rearsby Scene

St Michaels School Governors          Village Hall Committee

Coffee Morning Club                          Leisure Club